Web-service to find roommates in Berlin

UX/UI Design
Web Developement
Product Consulting
Mobile Development

6 months


New York, USA


In 2 months we created a minimum viable product (MVP) to test our client’s business idea. We developed a web-service where people could find a match for the apartment rental in Berlin.

The service had desktop and mobile versions with the powerful back-end system to match users based on their interests, budget and requirements.

Key features

Chatbot presenting suitable apartment options for the customers.
Algorithm to match users based on the input data during sign-up.
Live chat to ensure smooth communication between users.
Integrated database of apartments available for rent.


Our client reached us through Upwork with the start-up idea and desire to set up his own company.

According to the market research, there was a huge demand for shared housing among students and immigrants in Berlin and no existing services except for Facebook groups to find suitable roommates to share apartment cost.


Our project manager had a discovery workshop with the client. We explored and conceptualized the idea together. About a week later, we laid out the project roadmap and agreed upon timelines and budget. The front-end development team was ready to start tackling the project.

Our designer created a simple design with user-friendly interfaces and easy navigation. The development team used the capabilities of the MEAN stack (AngularJS, MongoDB) to deliver a powerful app. QuckBlox has been integrated as a third-party chat service.



The product was built in the form of a web and mobile app.

There was a personal profile developed where users could enter their personal details including habits such as smoking and drinking if they have pets, their profession, budget, and desired neighbourhood area.

The platform would match people based on the data entered during sign-up and propose suggestions to users. One major feature was a custom-built newsletter for each new user with 10 appropriate apartments with roommate suggestions.

Once both parties would approve the suggested match, there was a live chat built-in for them to discuss the potential rental.

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