Hello there!
We are a 360-degrees digital studio.

For 7 years, we’ve been designing, developing and promoting IT products that we are very proud of for companies we believe in.
We are available to work on projects of all sizes in a wide range of design, development, and digital marketing disciplines.

We build long-term, trusted relationships with our partners and team. Some of our success stories:

Once, there was a very urgent issue that needed IT involvement. It was weekends, and we did not have much hope that the guys in inCode Systems would be ready to get involved at this time. Still, we called them, and the issue was resolved within hours.

They had a very warm, human-oriented and empathetic approach, and was interested not in quick financial profit but long-term, trusted relationship.

BookToNote start-up founder, San Fransicso

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Denis.

I have had the pleasure of working with Denis for two years at Chui media, collaborating on the Chui local project. Den's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. As a team member or a project leader, Denis earns my highest recommendation.

Chui Media founder, Samuel Gachui

Meet Our Team

Have you ever heard of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ legendary “two pizza rule”? It states that the team should be small enough to be fed with two pizzas.

We believe that smaller teams demonstrate greater engagement, better accountability, and higher productivity. It is scientifically proven too!

Our small team is efficient, fast, collaborative, and well-knit. Together, we operate like a well-oiled machine always delivering on time and straight to the point.
Den Parfenov
Denis has been working in IT since 2011. He brought together his experience in Sales and great passion for IT and... 
Sam Gachui
CO - Founder. Marketing Growth
Sam has been working in Digital Marketing for 14 years helping medium to large enterprises drive... 
Anton Vizir
Lead Software Engineer
7+ years in software development.
Designing, building, maintaining, refactoring web & mobile apps... 
Katya Sirotkina
UX/UI designer
Katya is a UX\UI designer from Siberia, Russia. She has been in the digital design industry for over 9 years... 
Vlad Zubairov
Chief Technical Officer
10+ years in software development.
100+ solutions built.
Anastasia Zubanenko
Project Manager
Anastasia works closely with the clients throughout the project lifecycle. Her experience in Customer... 
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