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BloqWork is an international freelance marketplace for blockchain related projects and specialists. As people are the most valuable project's assets, BloqWork is intended to help Web3 projects fill in their teams and succeed in finding the best talents from the largest niche pool. Our goal here is to develop an easy-to-use freelance platform in a short time to help the project get an early start with an MVP.

We also consult BloqWork on its launch and technology stack for future updates.

Upcoming Plans

This case study shows the first stage of development process of BloqWork marketplace website. In the future, we will finalize this platform on blockchain technologies. We will also show you a roadmap of the project and add new info, when next stages will be finished.

Key features

Projects Placement
Bidding for Project Implementation
Search Engine for Projects and Freelancers
Editable User's Account
Stripe Integration

Project Charter and MVP

As we deeply understand start-ups needs, we helped BloqWork develop a Roadmap which breaks down project’s release in multiple stages to launch with reasonable resources spent.
Based on the Roadmap we made a Project Charter with the list of main features to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). You can see this MVP now on BloqWork website.
Both Roadmap and Project Charter are essential for compound start-ups like BloqWork. These documents help to avoid overspent resources and assists greatly in funding research.


For the MVP launch, we decided to create a WordPress based website. Later on, we will develop a more secure platform involving blockchain technologies for payment protection and a unique gamification system.

Freelance Platform Development

We developed the Minimum Viable Product version of the website using WordPress and a ready-made design:

Users are divided into two types: freelancers and employers. They use special features.
Employers can:

  • Register and edit a User Account;
  • Place a Project;
  • Search for a freelancer in the database.

Freelancers can:

  • Register and edit a User Account;
  • Bid for Projects.

All transactions are protected with service, which grants payment for delivered services. It protects both employers and freelancers. When payment is processed, money stays on hold with until the project is done.

Upcoming Features

This project will be released in several stages. Here are some upcoming features, which we plan to deploy:

  • Cryptocurrencies payments. Users will be able to change cryptocurrencies to internal BloqWork currency, which allows them to pay for projects and exchange it back to crypto or fiat currencies;
  • Blockchain-secured payments;
  • NFT-badges System based on users activity and experience. For each achievement users will get a part of NFT-badge, which will combine automatically;
  • Company Registration providing official employment;
  • Dynamic Experts Ratings.

Roadmap. Vision and MVP

We helped BloqWork to determine the vision of the project: its goal, mission and main features.
We also developed the MVP website, where first users can start to place or search for blockchain-related projects.

The mission of BloqWork is to connect blockchain-related projects with suitable experts to help both sides grow and prosper.

The goal of BloqWork is to create a secure and accessible multi functional environment for blockchain-related projects and specialists.

MVP Revision

We will gather feedback from early users and debug the current MVP. We will also implement new features:
Cryptocurrencies payments by exchanging to internal BloqWork’s currency;
Advanced search filters;
Project ranging on its length: from full-time to 3-6 months, weeks and hours.

Final Product Development. Stage 1

This stage is focusing on attracting wider audience by adding legalization and gamification features:

  • NFT-badges System based on users activity and experience. For each achievement users will get a part of NFT-badge which will combine automatically;
  • Company registration to provide official employment;
  • Dynamic Experts Ratings.

Final Product Development. Stage 2

BloqWork will help its community grow with online schools partnership. We will:

  • Integrate online-courses;
  • Let users get certificates to confirm knowledge and skills;
  • Add Employers Ratings.

Final Product Development. Stage 3

We will create a final version of the platform based on blockchain technologies to create a unique multifunctional environment:

  • Freelance marketplace;
  • Online Courses;
  • BloqWork own token;
  • Neural network development to help find the best match for projects and specialists.


BloqWork now has a clear vision and strategy, which will help the project have a better pitch for fundraising. We also developed a Minimum Viable Product which is ready to meet its first users and provide deals. These steps allow BloqWork to make an early start on attracting users and earning money. We are proud to be a part of such an ambitious and future-orientated project.


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