UI/UX Design for Fintech Project

UX/UI Design

Whirl Invest


New Zealand


Fintech is where technology meets design. An in demand app is the one where an accurate easy-to-use data can be shown in a juicy stand-out design.
For a Whirl Invest project we agreed on our main goals to be:

  • Create an outstanding and user-friendly User Interface
  • Implement financial features
  • Make sure the services is handy on any device: desktop, tablet and mobile

Key features

Complete UI/UX design for fintech service for all devices
Financial Dashboard
Implemented NFT Catalog


Before designing a user interface for this fintech project we conducted research to find out which features are mostly required and what are the user experience patterns potential clients have. This research included user surveys, interviews, and usability testing. Further on, we started to create a final version of the interface.

UI/UX Design

Based on the research, we completed:

  • UI/UX design for a landing page
  • UI/UX design for a mobile app
  • UI/UX design for an online service

Simple and intuitive, this interface uses clear and concise language, providing easy-to-understand navigation, and avoiding clutter. It also accommodates different levels of expertise, from novice investors to seasoned traders.

Special Feature: Trading Dashboard

A real-time data tracking dashboard is the core feature of this project. We kept it as our main focus while working on ux design for fintech service.

Personalization and customization are key to providing a positive user experience. The dashboard allows users to customize their experience based on their individual needs and preferences. Including financial reports, data visualization, favorites, data export.

To make informed decisions, investors and traders rely on real-time data and analysis . The dashboard provides all necessary information in an easily accessible format. This includes stock prices, news feeds, and market analysis.


Based on a deep understanding of potential users' needs we designed a user interface for a fintech project’s landing page, online service and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Following modern user experience trends this project helps traders to be acknowledged with the latest changes and stay on track.


Project Manager
UI/UX Designer
Full-Stack Developer
Quality Assurance Specialist

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