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UX/UI Design

Target Group


1 month


United Kingdom

Thrilled to unveil the spectacular transformation of Target Group Internet Marketing Agency's digital presence! Dive into our latest project — a harmonious blend of modern design and strategic digital marketing elements.



Target Group specializes in comprehensive paid advertising services, including strategy development, budget planning, and client acquisition through various paid channels. In a bid to redefine its digital footprint, Target Group Internet Marketing Agency embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its corporate website. This project not only focused on enhancing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) but also strategically incorporated elements to boost search engine visibility.


  • Develop a visually captivating and engaging design for a corporate website that reflects modernity and minimalism, aligning with contemporary design trends.
  • Create an intuitive and visually appealing form to streamline user inquiries, fostering a seamless user experience.
  • Clearly articulate Target Group's strengths and services on the homepage for immediate user understanding.
  • Design visually compelling case study pages to showcase the agency's successful client projects, emphasizing our expertise in delivering tangible results.
  • Integrate a blog section optimized for SEO to enhance online visibility and showcase industry insights.
  • Implement a responsive design ensuring a seamless experience across various devices.

Key features

Intuitive Elements
Case Study Showcase
Optimized Blog Functionality


The homepage highlights the company's key benefits through a clean, minimalistic menu and a prominent title that immediately offers clarity about services. Our deliberate choice of the color blue, widely recognized for its associations with business and professionalism, strengthens brand identity and positively influences user perception.



The blog page features case cards arranged in various tile sizes to prevent visual monotony, enhancing both user engagement and search engine visibility. Stylized images on each case card provided quick and clear insights into the diverse range of clients' business activities.



The services page includes detailed descriptions for each service, outlining the specific problems the company addresses and the ways Target Group assists clients. It also provides key performance figures that clients can anticipate from advertising efforts, along with relevant case studies that demonstrate the real impact of each service. This comprehensive approach ensures potential clients have a clear understanding of company's offerings and the value it brings to their businesses.



A responsive design ensures a consistent and optimal user experience across various devices. This contributes to user satisfaction and engagement.



The success of the project lies in the agency's ability to not only meet the client's expectations but also strategically enhance its online presence. The harmonious blend of modern design and SEO-focused elements resulted in increased visibility and client satisfaction.


Project Manager
UI/UX Designer

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