40X Return on advertising investment

Facebook ads

Roseland Furniture


United Kingdom


Roseland approached Fountain/Chui Media because they were looking to achieve their yearly sales targets with Google Ads (Search and Shopping)

They had previously used another digital agency but the return on ad investment was not favorable for growth.

Goals & Objectives

Hit a daily and monthly sales target on a tightly controlled budget.
Expand and optimise the current marketing campaigns.
Choosing the right marketing social platforms for connect with clients.

Our team at Fountain/Chui Media understood the importance of getting the campaign expansion right as there was very little margin for error.

We selected Facebook as the preferred marketing partner because there targeting options fit for our needs.

Using our proven results-driven processes, Fountain/Chui Media helped Roseland roll out retargeting digital marketing campaign that drive a 20:1 return on investment every month.

How we broke it down

Our Fountain/Chui Media account managers used our custom-built digital strategy builder to forecast
Facebook placements and rolled out dynamic retargeting campaigns split by recency of time spent on the Roseland website.

Once the plan and assets were approved, we rolled out their campaign phases.


Within a period of only 9 months, Fountain/Chui Media Scaled the Roseland’s already successful PPC campaigns to Paid social with a 40:1 return on investment every month.

40 Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS).
20% Cost of Sale (COS).

With a year of campaign knowledge, Roseland and Fountain/Chui Media have taken the learnings and tweaked the campaigns for even bigger growth.

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