Furniture Online Store and Mobile App UI/UX Design

Mobile Development

Your Place Store


United Kingdom


Better understanding of User Experience is crucial for E-commerce projects. We developed this series of web design for online stores to bring an example of minimalistic and user-friendly interface.

Available Platforms

This design can be done for online shops based on WordPress, Shopify or Ecwid. We also can provide it for mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Key features

User Story
Website UI/UX Design
Mobile Application UI/UX Design
Available for WordPress, Shopify or Ecwid

Design Sneak Peeks

This website design focuses on bringing up products from their best sides. As our main business goal is to help a customer choose a furniture piece, our User Interface helps to look through the goods without any distraction.

Even though mobile screens allows us to use lesser space than a desktop, we still manage to keep user interface’s simplicity.


Well-researched Users Experience and understanding of User Interfaces principles helps to make your product desirable.

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