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12 months


Germany, Europe


GolfTime is a national German golf news provider that has been operating for 15 years. They have established an excellent reputation and gained a loyal customer base. With the digitalization of consumer behavior, GolfTime sought to improve the user experience of customers and reduce the risk of losing their well-established position.

In 3 months, we redesigned the current website and created an up-to-date cross-platform news portal. There was an admin panel developed for the company's in-house team to be able to easily build website blocks without any programming knowledge.

Key features

Modern and familiar UX tiles design.
Fully-responsive and cross-platform website.
Automatic aggregation of players statistics.
Easy-to-use admin to build website blocks with widgets.


Following our well-established practices, we first held a discovery workshop to tap into GolfTIme’s business model. We researched the current target audience, their behavior patterns, and stages of the customer journey they experience the most negative emotions on.

After a deep understanding was gained, we were ready to take on the digital transformation with GolfTime. The company had a clear idea of what design style they are aiming for, and our UX/UI designer worked closely together with the company’s director to deliver a user-friendly, simple and intuitive structure. The goal was to have an interface easy to navigate through for customers of all age groups.



The result was a powerful back-end system built in Laravel PHP framework with modern design and quality user experience at the front-end. In addition to improving and refreshing the look, we also implemented a couple of new features both for the users and GolfTime’s employees.

One major update was the aggregation of data from major tournaments’ data so that the subscribers could check players’ statistics and tournament information in real-time. This resulted in an increase in the engagement level of the current customers and the inflow of new users looking for tournament statistics.

Another significant improvement was the admin panel for the employees to be able to maintain the website’s structure according to the developed design templates. Since the level of technological expertise was low in the company, it eliminated the need of hiring IT professionals in the future for website maintenance and could result in significant savings.

The admin panel allowed to create “blocks” of any size, add visual elements, and different widgets.

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