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Nutrilini is a nutritional coaching company developing personal nutrition plans for soon-to-be mommies. As the company works with a delicate audience on an important sphere of life, it was significant to keep the project informative yet simple. Our goal was to create a website containing both an online shop and recipes library.


This case study covers our work on website development for Nutrilini. After we finished this project, the client decided to stay with us to develop a mobile app. We will share details in our next case study.

Key features

WordPress based website with WooCommerce online shop and recipes library
Custom plugin development for the recipes library
Custom attributes development for different page types
Payment integration with PayPal and Stripe



With the atypical business approach of our client we did a research on their competitors and current market solutions.
We realized that the Nutrilini project needed two types of features for a website: a library of recipes and an online store. When we finished the concept of the project, our specialists researched the best technical stack for its realization. As a result we decided to:

  • Create a website based on WordPress;
  • Integrate online shop features with WooCommerce;
  • Create a custom plugin with nutrients for the recipes library;
  • Integrate PayPal and Stripe.

Project Development

Project Charter

We created a Project Charter which contained main goals, milestones, tasks and list of features. This Charter helps to prioritize tasks and keep web development close to the main aim.

Flexible Web Development

For the core features we started to work with Agile methodology to create a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) with the optimized resources and costs. After MVP was ready we decided to work with Kanban principles to develop new features on clients’ requests.
To easily test and add new features to the launched MVP version we used two GitLab environments: staging and production. We set up pipelines for continuous deployment and continuous integration to deploy all updates in one click. It allowed us to save time and resources on testing new features in the staging environment and adding them to the production environment with the live websites’ version.

Website set up

We set up a website with the recipes library and online shop features.

Build up an easy-to-use recipes library with filters and a search engine.

Integrated online shop with intuitive design so our client could add new goods by himself.

Special Feature: Custom plugin for the recipes library

One of the important things for our client is to help their customers keep an eye on nutrients, vitamins and trace elements necessary for proper nutrition of mom-to-be and children. Our goal was to create a solution which can visualize this info in a simple way and will be easy to maintain for the content manager of the website.

We developed a custom plugin solution which represents that info on the recipe page. It is easily managed from the admin panel. When you upload a new recipe you choose nutrients and the caterpillar appears automatically.

SEO-friendly website

In the first month after launching, the website received more than 1200 organic search visits.

This is a very nice result for the website with the new domain and no payment promotions. It shows that our strong attitude on website optimization from the start of developing the project pays off.


Nutrilini website suits business goals of the company and its unique vision and attitude towards customers. It helps clients get important information on nutrition and doesn’t require an education to understand it well. This friendly and at the same time scientific attitude is shown through the website design and features.


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