3000 demo account leads every month for the first online forex platform in Kenya

Video Engagement Campaign
Facebook ads

EGM Securities


Nairobi, Africa


First online forex platform provider licensed by CMA in Kenya.


Tightly controlled finances (budget / people / time).
Increasing brand visibility while generating quality leads.
Choosing the right marketing platforms for connect with clients.
Planning out a performance marketing strategy.
Managing a performance marketing.

The team at EGM understood Start-ups fail at an alarmingly high rate. They selected Chuimedia as their preferred marketing partner because of our previous success launching a similar start-up 2 years prior in Kenya.
Using our unique and proven 10 step results-driven plan. We helped EGM roll out a very accurate digital marketing strategy that drives company growth to this day.

How we broke it down

We used our custom-built digital strategy builder to map out CPCs, CTR and CVR based on different marketing channels and consulted on new landing pages designs and optimizations.

Once the plan was approved, we rolled out their campaign in 3 phases.

Phase 1 > Campaign creation - Month 1
**Phase 2 **> Proof of concept - Month 2 – 4
Phase 3 > Scale Out – Month 4+

The digital strategy and consulting process took 3 months and over staff 30 hrs. to complete.


Within a short period of only 9 months, EGM has embedded its status as the leading forex platform brand in Kenya in space that was hugely dominated by foreign brands.

Their local expertise and customer service together with our digital strategy, help paved the way for their success which are extremely favourable.

35,000 leads
68.5% marketing Share
20% landing page conversion rates
$$ Millions in deposits

With Phase 3 now in progress, EGM have taken their learning and tweaked their services for even bigger growth.

All successful start-ups got their marketing right. You need to get your product right, but right with the market.

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