6x Return on investment and 2000 new customers every week

Facebook ads
Lead Generation

Roman Originals


United Kingdom

Goals & Objectives

Roman Originals wanted to develop and grow their presence in the saturated UK Female clothing market, through paid search and social activity.

They tasked Fountain/Chui Media to grow their new customer acquisition ambitions with a tightly focused budget on both channels.


Google ads were proving to expensive for the CPA targets.
Facebook was performing better than expected.

How we broke it down

Our Fountain/Chui Media team understood continuous month on month growth meant we had to launch and test as many campaigns as possible.

Together with the Roman’s digital team, we rolled out Conversion and engagement campaigns that were powered by image, video, collection and carousel ads that drove massive brand awareness, engagement and sales every week.

These audiences were then retargeted with Facebook Dynamic Ads to promote the Roman product catalogue to each unique visitor which allowed us to create highly relevant ‘always on’ campaigns.


Fountain/Chui Media scaled Roman’s paid social campaigns from £3000 to over £100,000/month in Facebook media spend with a stable 6:1 return on ad investment while driving over 2000 new customers acquisitions per week.

3233% increase in Media Spend
6:1 ROAS
29.55% Increase in AOV
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