We invite a DevOps engineer to join our team, who will be responsible for the following areas:

  • Deployment of all CI/CD tools for a new company
  • Creation, modification, support of server and cloud infrastructure for the needs of the project
  • Load monitoring, tuning of services and databases
  • Managing processes and regulations
  • Reporting, writing requirements and conducting analytics (writing requirements and accompanying documentation)

Required skills:

Experience in the administration of Windows and Unix-like operating systems: Windows, Linux (CentOS, Alpine, Ubuntu)
Configuration and support of all necessary services: dns, dhcp, nginx, ldap, IPsec, iptables/ipfw/ipchains
Databases: MSSql, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle
Tools for CI/CD, including Jenkins, GitLab CI, GoCD, Chef/Puppet/Ansible
Source code management on your own resources and using third-party services: Git (github, GitLab, bitbucket), Mercurial
Working with virtualization and containerization systems: xen, kvm,

Company infrastructure:

Confluence - all project documentation
Jira - setting tasks + time tracking
GitLab - CI/CD repositories with code
Slack + Zoom - virtual office for voice communication
G Suite - docs, sheets, gmail, calendar

What we offer:

Flexible work schedule, from 20 to 40 hours a week
Completely remote work
A position in a rapidly developing company, stable high income and unlimited opportunities for self-realization
The ability to receive monetary rewards in proportion to your contribution
Hourly pay (the rate is discussed at the interview)